To offer the best possible pre-and aftersales support for our rapidly growing customer base in the United States. 

PARAVAN has selected Moto Technologies LLC located in Miami, Florida, as our national Sales & Service Center. Our competent partner has extensive knowledge and technical expertise in the field of mobility equipment and advanced PARAVAN drive-by-wire vehicle adaptations for people with disabilities.

Moto Technologies will be assuming the role of sales, product distribution, technical support, new dealer training and local installations for the US market and will be supported by our internal Space Drive sales manager Greg Long.

Beginning March 3rd, 2020, all quotes, orders and technical support will be handled directly through Moto Technologies during regular business hours, Monday to Friday 9:00a.m. – 5:00pm. EST.

The sales and technical support number is 13053993257

These changes will greatly improve our ability to serve our mobility dealers, CORS’s, rehabilitation engineers, manufacturers as well as our customers within the United States and extends PARAVAN’s commitment to the US mobility market.

PARAVAN reserved booth 722 at the 2020 NMEDA conference. Please stop by to see our interactive product information display and for more information about PARAVAN mobility products!

We look forward to a strengthened presence stateside and outstanding customer support with Moto Technologies!

PARAVAN Space Drive II

Product Benefits:
Secondary controls
System offers the most current up to date technology to seamlessly integrate and give you full access to your modern vehicle! Touch screen Features a highly customizable layout to access up to 90 different functions which can be customized to the individual’s preference and the freedom to connect even accessories. PARAVAN Touch mobile APP can be used in parallel with the touch screen from any mobile device, including a smart watch, in essence giving you access to your vehicle remotely from your mobile device. Beeper Adaptive Activation Switch with 10 customizable functions for easy access to features like cruise controls with the push of a button while driving. PARAVAN Voice Control gives you access to all of your vehicle secondary controls using your voice. Modern directional microphone recognizes your voice commands regardless of ambient noise.
Primary controls

8 different input devices

Electronic vehicle gas interface enables digital vehicle acceleration eliminating adjustments and maintenance needs.

Fine tuning while driving enhances driving training by providing real‐time feedback.

Calibration of driving controls is flexible to help you find your comfort zone.

Modern equipment hardware is small and it does not obstruct any vehicle interior space.

Alternating between factory driving controls and electronic driving controls in only two steps.

 Aviable Vehicle Platforms

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Our team is the most knowledgeable in mobility assistive technology in the South East. Over the years we have helped thousands of individuals locally and internationally to maximize their independence.


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